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  • November 5, 2015

    All About Office Paper

    Offices use three different types of printers; copier, ink jet and laser. Each one of these use a different type of paper. In order to get the best results, you should know which types of Coloured tissue in specific machines. Inkjet paper will not work in the copier or laser printers. It is best not to even use it. It will bubble and jam the device, giving you a headache you might best do without.

    Always see the manufacturer's instruction manual for every printer that you purchase. That's where you will find suggestions about the type of paper that should be used in the machine. Record it inside a notebook specifically used for recording paper types and printer information. This may simplify your task when the time comes to order paper. Always store paper in a cupboard where the humidity is low to avoid curling. Dimensionally stable paper also prevents curling. If you're having problems with this, ask your supplier to get a paper that has a lower moisture level.

    If in doubt about paper type, ask the service personnel that can come to take care of your equipment. They are able to answer any questions you may have. Never buy paperfrom telemarketers, while they offer unbelievably affordable prices. As with all things, if it sounds too best to be true, it is. Always buy paperfrom a supplier by having an established reputation.

    Most of the time digital copiers may use the same type of paper as non-digital copiers. Color printers and copiers usually can use the same paper as black and white equipment, but if you want your copies being of high quality, use a higher quality paper. Before you run a large number of copies, test the paper within your machine. If a supplier suggests a different sort of paper, buy a ream. If it works well and you like it a lot better than the paper you are using, just buy a case or maybe more.

    Never use high moisture or textured paper in laser printers. It may cause you a host of problems. Recycled paper is effective in most copiers and printers. Avoid papers that are coated, as the majority of them cannot be recycled. In case a certain paper works well within your office equipment, stick with it. Because the old adage goes, "do not rock the boat."

    Paper is available in 20, 24 and 28 poundage. Decorative tissue paper the higher poundage number. Smoothness is very important if you want a bold image. The smoother the paper, the whiter it looks to the eye. If you would like an elegant image, always use paper of supreme quality. If you want your copies to last for years, purchase acid-free paper. It can last a lot more than two hundred years before deteriorating. This can be best if you plan on printing contracts, legal documents or papersthat will probably be archived. Use these tips to provide a positive paper experience in your office. By buying a paper that work well in your office equipment, you save time and money.